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Dewalt Drills Face-Off: DCD771C2 vs DCD701F2

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Overview of DCD771C2

The DCD771C2 is a high-performance drill from Dewalt. It is distinguished by its compact and lightweight design, making it an ideal tool for working in tight areas. The DCD771C2 is part of Dewalt’s 20V MAX* line, which includes a cordless power drill/driver kit.


  • The drill’s standout feature is its high-performance motor that provides 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power, making it capable of completing a wide range of applications.
  • Its high-speed transmission delivers two speeds – 0-450 & 1,500 rpm – which are suitable for a range of fastening and drilling applications.
  • The DCD771C2 features a 1/2″ single sleeve ratcheting chuck, providing tight bit gripping strength.
  • It also comes with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use and better control.
  • This drill driver features the new 18V XR Li-Ion battery technology, which is compact and provides a longer battery life.

What’s Included

  1. DCD771 1/2″ Drill Driver
  2. Two 20V Max* Compact Lithium Ion Battery Packs
  3. Compact Charger
  4. Contractor Bag


The DCD771C2 20V max Lithium Ion Compact Cordless Power Drill/Driver Kit is designed to be lightweight and compact, ideal for working in tight spaces for extended periods. The high-speed transmission of this cordless drill offers 2-speed variations, allowing users to choose the level of performance required for various applications. The kit includes two 20V MAX* batteries, a charger, and a durable storage bag for easy transportation.

Feature Details
Design Compact, lightweight
Power 300 UWO
Speeds 0-450 & 1,500 rpm
Chuck 1/2″ single sleeve ratcheting
Handle Ergonomic
Battery 18V XR Li-Ion

Overview of DCD701F2

The DCD701F2 is a high-powered, compact drill from Dewalt’s 12V MAX* line. Designed with a brushless motor, it offers efficient performance and extended runtime. It’s ideal for precision applications such as drilling small pilot holes and is packed with features to enhance its functionality and convenience.


  • The DCD701 12V MAX* Brushless 3/8 in. Drill Driver is designed to deliver 32% more power than its counterparts, and is also 20% shorter, providing superior performance in a compact size.
  • The brushless motor ensures efficient performance and runtime, enhancing the tool’s durability and effectiveness.
  • The 3/8 in. ratcheting chuck allows for a wide variety of bits, making it versatile for different drilling applications.
  • Additionally, it has a 2-Speed transmission and 15 clutch settings, allowing for a variety of applications.
  • It includes an LED foot light to improve visibility in dim work conditions.
  • The tool is lightweight, weighing only 1.9 lbs. (Tool Only), enhancing its portability and ease of use.
  • It comes kitted with 2.0 Ah batteries with a state of charge indicator.

What’s Included

  1. DCD701B – 12V MAX* Brushless 3/8 in Drill Driver
  2. Two DCB122 – 12V MAX* Batteries With State of Charge Indicator
  3. 12V MAX* – 20V MAX† Charger
  4. Belt Clip
  5. Tool Bag


The COMPACT AND PERFORMANCE PACKED™ XTREME™ 12V MAX* 3/8 in. Drill/Driver offers precision in a compact design. At only 5.97 in. long (front to back), it features a 2-speed transmission and an onboard LED to illuminate dark spaces. It can accept up to a 12-inch spade bit. The kit includes a 3/8-inch drill/driver, two 12V MAX* 2Ah batteries, a charger, and a tool bag, making it ideal for precision applications like drilling small pilot holes.

Feature Details
Design Compact, lightweight, 20% shorter
Power 32% more power, brushless motor
Chuck 3/8″ ratcheting
Transmission & Clutch Settings 2-Speed transmission, 15 clutch settings
Extra Features LED foot light, state of charge indicator
Battery 12V MAX* 2Ah
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Comparison of DCD771C2 and DCD701F2 Specs

Spec DCD771C2 DCD701F2
Brushless N/A Yes
Battery Voltage 20 V 12 V
Chuck size 0.5 in 0.37 in
Tool Length/Product Length N/A 5.97 in
No Load Speed (RPM) 0-450-1500 0-425/0-1500
Weight (Including Battery) 4 lbs N/A
Tool Weight 3.6 lbs 1.9 lbs
Product Height N/A 4.25 in
Power Output 300 W 250 W
Battery Type XR Li-ion 12V MAX*
Voltage 20 V 12 V
Power Source N/A Cordless
Power Input N/A 900 W
Product Weight N/A 2 lbs
Clutch Positions 16 N/A
Battery Capacity 1.3 Ah N/A
Uncertainty K1 (Vibration) 1.5 m/s2 N/A
Uncertainty K2 (Vibration) 1.5 m/s2 N/A
Number of Pieces 1 N/A

User reviews of DCD771C2

Summary of Positive User Reviews for DCD771C2

  • Many users appreciate the ergonomic design and lightweight construction of the DCD771C2. They find it well-balanced and comfortable to hold.
  • Users highlight the power and longevity of the batteries, which are said to hold their charge well and last a long time even after hours of usage. The product comes with two batteries, which is considered a plus.
  • The drill is praised for being easy to use and user-friendly. The variable speed trigger and LED light features are particularly appreciated by users, providing enhanced control and visibility during operations.
  • Customers value the product’s high quality and durability, with some noting that it outperforms other brands they’ve used in the past. It is considered a great tool for both small home projects and heavier-duty tasks.
  • The instruction manual that comes with the drill is considered clear and easy to understand, even for first-time users of power tools.
  • Users appreciate the product’s value for money, especially when it comes as part of a package deal with additional items such as a charger, carrying case, or extra batteries.
  • There are compliments for the product’s quick and efficient delivery.

Summary of Critical User Reviews for DCD771C2

  • Several users reported issues with the drill’s durability, with instances of the drill breaking down or not working after a short period of use.
  • Some users were dissatisfied with the product’s warranty, finding it misleading or insufficient in covering repairs or replacements.
  • The drill’s battery life was a common complaint, with users stating that the included batteries drained quickly or did not hold a charge as expected.
  • Users mentioned that the drill did not come with bits and some had difficulty drilling into harder woods, suggesting it might not be suitable for heavier tasks.
  • There were criticisms about the drill’s packaging, with users expressing disappointment about the lack of a hard-shell case and the perceived poor quality of the included soft bag.
  • Some users received incomplete packages with missing parts, like the chuck.
  • A few users found the drill to be heavier than expected, which could impact its ease of use.

User reviews of DCD701F2

Summary of Positive User Reviews for DCD701F2

  • Many users appreciate the compact and lightweight design of the DCD701F2, making it easy to handle and ideal for home use.
  • It’s considered to be powerful for a 12-volt drill, able to handle both small and large projects.
  • Users are satisfied with the battery life, with it lasting a long time and the convenience of having two batteries for continuous work.
  • Its multi-functionality is praised, as it can be used both as a drill and a screwdriver.
  • The comfortable fit in hand and overall superior design are appreciated by users.
  • It is recommended by Wirecutter for its power and comfortability.
  • Despite the use of a smaller battery, users are pleased that it uses the same charger as other DeWalt tools, reducing the need for multiple chargers.

Summary of Critical User Reviews for DCD701F2

  • Several users have experienced issues with Dewalt’s customer service, finding it slow and unhelpful.
  • Users have reported mechanical failures, such as the chuck unscrewing during use, the motor failing after light use, and inconsistent power.
  • There are complaints about faulty batteries that do not hold a charge or fail altogether.
  • Problems with the included charger (DCB112) have been reported as it only provides a slight charge.
  • The drill does not always manage to hold the bit securely, leading to it falling out during use.
  • Some users were disappointed with the packaging and condition upon arrival, such as receiving a torn carrying bag.
  • One user reported the drill being unable to screw in a sheetrock screw without stopping, despite its good size and weight.
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Pros and Cons of the Compared Products

Pros/Cons of DCD771C2

Pros Cons
Lightweight and ergonomic design Some users reported durability issues
Powerful and long-lasting batteries Some dissatisfaction with product’s warranty
Easy to use, variable speed trigger and LED light Complaints about battery life
High quality and durable No included bits, difficulty with harder woods
Clear and easy-to-understand instruction manual Disappointment with packaging and lack of hard-shell case
Great value for money Some users received incomplete packages
Quick and efficient delivery Heavier than expected for some users

Pros/Cons of DCD701F2

Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight design Issues with Dewalt’s customer service
Powerful for a 12-volt drill Reported mechanical failures
Good battery life and comes with two batteries Complaints about faulty batteries
Multi-functionality (drill + screwdriver) Problems with the included charger (DCB112)
Comfortable fit and superior design Issues with bit security
Recommended by Wirecutter Disappointment with packaging and condition upon arrival
Uses the same charger as other DeWalt tools Unable to screw in a sheetrock screw without stopping


In conclusion, choosing the right drill between the DCD771C2 and DCD701F2 depends on your specific needs. If you require a high-powered tool with a longer battery life, the DCD771C2 is the right choice. However, if you need a compact, lightweight drill for precision applications, the DCD701F2 is ideal. Always consider the nature of your tasks, the features of the tool, and your personal comfort while using it.


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