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Uncovering the Best DEWALT Drill: DCD791D2 vs DCD800P1

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Overview of DEWALT DCD791D2 Drill

The DEWALT DCD791D2 is a compact and lightweight drill designed to deliver power and efficiency in tight spaces. This drill is part of the 20V MAX* XR® series and features a brushless motor which contributes to its extended run time by up to 57% more compared to brushed models.

  • The drill is compact (6.9″ front to back) and lightweight (3.4 lbs), making it easier to fit and work in tight areas.
  • Equipped with a high-speed transmission that provides two speed settings (0-550/0-2,000 RPM), the drill delivers up to 30% faster application speeds.
  • The drill comes with an ergonomic comfort grip handle for optimal balance and tool control, and a metal 1/2″ ratcheting chuck for superior bit gripping strength.
  • The drill features a 3-Mode LED light system that illuminates dark or confined spaces up to 20 times brighter than previous models. The LED Spotlight Mode also includes a 20-minute shutoff function allowing for extended work time in dark or confined spaces.
  • The DCD791D2 features 18V XR Li-Ion compact drill driver technology and comes with a 2.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery.
Package Includes
(1) DCD791 – 20V MAX* XR® Li-Ion BL Compact Drill / Driver
(2) DCB203 – XR® 2.0AH Battery Packs
(1) Charger
(1) Kit Box
(1) Belt Hook

The DCD791D2 20V MAX* XR Li-Ion Brushless Compact Cordless Drill is designed for a wide range of applications. It is equipped with high-speed transmission that delivers 2-speed variations, allowing users to choose the level of performance needed for various applications. The kit includes two 20V MAX* XR® 2Ah batteries, a charger, and a durable kit box for portability, making it a complete package for professional and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Overview of DEWALT DCD800P1 Drill

The DEWALT DCD800P1 is a professional-grade power tool, designed to complete challenging projects with superior performance. This drill is part of the 20V MAX* XR® series and features a brushless motor that outputs up to 2,000 rpm when drilling into wood and metal.

  • The DCD800P1 manages to deliver up to 40% more Unit Watts Out (UWO) compared to the DCD791B when using the DCB205 battery (sold separately).
  • This drill is compact at 6.37 inches in size, making it 1/2 inch shorter in length compared to the DCD791, offering better accessibility in hard-to-reach work areas.
  • The drill comes with a 1/2 inch metal ratcheting chuck for high bit retention.
  • It features a high-speed transmission with a variable trigger and 2 speed settings (0-650/0-2,000 rpm), offering pro-level speed, control, and precision.
  • The drill features an adjustable 3-position, 3-mode LED light system with up to 70 Lumens. The LED spotlight mode includes a 20-minute shutoff function for extended work time in low-light spaces.
  • The DCD800P1 is also compatible with the Tool Connect™ chip DCE042 and can connect with the Tool Connect™ Site Manager app for seamless worksite asset management (DCE042 sold separately).
Package Includes
(1) DCD800 – 20V MAX* XR® Brushless Cordless 1/2 in. Drill/Driver
(1) DCB205 – 20V MAX* 5Ah Battery
(1) DCB112 – Charger
(1) Kit Bag
(1) Belt Hook

The DCD800P1 20V MAX* XR® Brushless 1/2 in. Drill/Driver is engineered for professional-grade performance. This versatile power tool delivers the power and speed needed for heavy-duty drilling and fastening applications. The high-output brushless motor helps you tackle demanding projects. It is lightweight and compact, designed to allow users to work comfortably in tight spaces for extended periods. The LED light system is designed to enhance visibility in dimly lit work areas. The kit includes one DCB205 20V MAX* 5Ah battery, charger, belt hook, and a durable storage bag for portability, making it a complete package for professionals.

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Summary Specifications of DEWALT DCD791D2 and DCD800P1 Drills

Specifications DEWALT DCD791D2 DEWALT DCD800P1
Brushless Yes Yes
Battery Voltage 20 V 20 V
Chuck Size 0.5 in 1/2 in
Clutch Positions 15 15
No Load Speed (RPM) 0-600 / 0-2000 0-650 / 0-2,000 rpm
Battery Capacity 2 Ah 5 Ah
Product Length N/A 6.37 in
Product Height N/A 8.14 in
Product Width N/A 2.5 in
Max. Watts Out 460 W 900 W
LED Light Yes Yes
Variable Speed N/A Yes
Battery Type XR Li-Ion Lithium-Ion
Power Source N/A Cordless
Product Weight N/A 2.82 lbs
Depth N/A 6.37 in

User reviews of DCD791D2

Summary of Positive User Reviews of DCD791D2

  • Users appreciate the professional grade quality and reliability of the DCD791D2, noting that it is a worthwhile investment.
  • Many users were impressed by the power of the drill and appreciated the extra battery provided, highlighting its ease of use for individuals of varying strengths.
  • Amateur DIY enthusiasts praised the tool for its compact size, allowing it to be used in various situations, and mentioned the high value for its price.
  • The tool’s performance in industrial settings is highly praised, with users noting its powerful brushless motor, precise and firm-gripping chuck, and overall sturdiness.
  • Users appreciated the innovation of the DCD791D2, specifically the brake feature that stops the drill’s rotation when the trigger is released.
  • The product is highly recommended by users for its high quality.
  • Customers praised DeWalt’s customer service and the fact that the drill’s bit holder can be manually adjusted to prevent bits from falling out.
  • While some users mentioned a loose battery fit, the overall performance of the drill was still highly rated.
  • The drill has been noted as a significant improvement over older models due to its lightweight, compactness, power, and efficiency.
  • International users also expressed love for the DCD791D2, praising its fast international shipping, high-quality build, smooth operation, and accurate control of variable speed.

Summary of Critical User Reviews of DCD791D2

  • Some users expressed dissatisfaction with the speed control of the drill, highlighting that a slight increase in trigger pull causes a significant increase in speed, which can lead to over-driving screws.
  • Several users reported issues with the drill’s durability, mentioning that the speed selector and chuck components broke after minimal usage, leading to concerns about the overall build quality.
  • One user experienced rust on the drill’s chuck after leaving it in a garage for a short period, suggesting that the part may not be made of stainless steel.
  • Some users found the torque control to be too stiff, even on the lowest setting, making it unsuitable for delicate tasks.
  • A few users were disappointed that the drill did not include a bit holder, considering it a missing basic feature.
  • Some users reported that their drill stopped shifting into high gear after a few months of light use, suspecting a fault with the switch or transmission.
  • One user questioned the authenticity of the product, as the drill seemed used upon arrival and lacked features presented in most reviews.
  • Several users mentioned problems with the drill’s keyless chuck, such as bits getting stuck and the chuck slipping even with minimal usage.

User reviews of DCD800P1

Summary of Positive User Reviews for DCD800P1

  • Highly recommended for its excellent quality and strength.
  • Typical DeWalt tool with a robust build and abundant power.
  • Superior to the older Makita model with a durable metal chuck.
  • Impressive power, making it an ideal tool for heavy-duty tasks such as drilling hardened bolts.
  • Great performance with no overheating issues. It has a compact size that allows for easy handling.
  • Features an adjustable light and a real chuck, providing versatility and durability.
  • Good battery life and power, making it worth the price.
  • Dependable and durable for heavy usage.
  • Professional contractor-grade quality.
  • Overall satisfaction from users.

Summary of Critical User Reviews for DCD800P1

  • Issues with the chuck being wobbly.
  • Sound from the gearbox suggests internal problems.
  • Despite the compact size, torque, and great light, the poor quality of the gearbox and the chuck’s instability are disappointing.
  • Has more runout than a cheaper corded Black & Decker model, which users found disappointing given the intent to upgrade.
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Pros and Cons of the Compared Products

Pros/Cons of DCD791D2

Pros Cons
Professional grade quality and reliability. Issues with speed control and overdriving screws.
Impressive power, extra battery provided, ease of use. Some durability issues (speed selector, chuck components).
Compact size, high value for price. Rust on chuck after short periods of non-use.
High performance in industrial settings, powerful brushless motor, precise chuck. Torque control too stiff for delicate tasks.
Innovative features like brake feature, manual bit holder adjustment. Lack of bit holder included with drill.
Praise for DeWalt’s customer service. Issues with drill shifting into high gear.
Significant improvement over older models (lightweight, compactness, power, efficiency). Concerns about the authenticity and condition of the drill on arrival.
Fast international shipping, smooth operation, accurate control of variable speed. Problems with keyless chuck (bits getting stuck, chuck slipping).

Pros/Cons of DCD800P1

Pros Cons
Excellent quality and strength. Wobbly chuck.
Robust build and abundant power. Potential internal gearbox problems indicated by sound.
Superior to older models, durable metal chuck. Issues with poor quality of gearbox and chuck’s instability.
Impressive power, suitable for heavy-duty tasks. More runout than cheaper models, leading to user disappointment.
Great performance, no overheating, compact size for easy handling.
Adjustable light, real chuck for versatility and durability.
Good battery life and power, worth the price.
Dependable and durable for heavy usage.
Professional contractor-grade quality.
Overall satisfaction from users.


In conclusion, both the DEWALT DCD791D2 and DCD800P1 drills are top-notch tools, each boasting unique features that make them stand out. When choosing between the two, consider your specific needs. If you need a drill that offers longer battery life and higher power output, the DCD800P1 might be the better choice. However, if you prefer a more compact and lightweight design for working in tight spaces, the DCD791D2 could be the ideal choice. Both drills deliver professional-grade performance and are designed for a wide range of applications, making them excellent additions to any tool kit.


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