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Tile Roof Repairs

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The climate of the southern USA’s state – Florida – is quite warm; snow is a rare guest there even during winter. Its inhabitants adapted to the weather accordingly. There won’t be any insulated buildings, since that would be just a waste, and the main worries have shifted to an appealing exterior and simplicity of installation. This puts tile roofing above any other option in these parts and makes it sought after in Florida. But it is ill advised to perform the installation on your own: it is better to entrust a team of professionals, equipped with tools and experience, to do the job properly.

Why is Tile Roofing so Popular in Miami

  • There are a lot of people in Florida, who prefer tile, and those are the reasons:
  • Tile can withstand powerful gales and hurricanes, which are a frequent occurrence in Florida. Tile doesn’t bend or break, unlike other materials like asphalt shingles or metal.
  • A roof like that can serve up to 30 years which makes it one of the longest-lasting roofing materials. Homeowners in Florida wouldn’t have to worry about frequent renovations and that saves money in the long run.
  • Tile roofing keeps the house cool during summer and warm during winter, making the electricity bill smaller. It is especially important for Florida because of its hot and humid climate.
  • Tile roofing makes your home look pretty and elegant. There are many colors and styles for tiling – owners can pick that one style which harmonically fits their house.
  • Tile roofing is fire resistant and is a sturdy barrier against insects and rodents. A perfect choice for homeowners in Florida, who want a reliable defense against forces of nature and pests.

Despite tile roofing being the more expensive option compared to other materials, its longevity and cost-effectiveness makes it a profitable investment for homeowners in Florida.

Tile roof repairs: where to start

Repairing tile roof is a complex job, directed at the restoration of integrity and operational characteristics of tiling. Maintenance can be either planned or emergency.

If the roof is high, which is the case most of the time, repairs would require scaffolding or a construction hoist.

Before the repairs, the workplace must be prepared accordingly. Anything that can disrupt work needs to be put away. Electricity and water must also be temporarily cut off.

Planned maintenance of a tile roof is being done to prevent leaks and other problems. Usually the procedure includes:

  • Roof inspection. Required to detect damaged tiles. Wood below it also checked to replace damaged sections if needed.
  • Replacement of damaged tiles.
  • Repairs or replacement of roofing accessories (ridges, valleys, gutters and pipes).
  • Removing garbage or leaves from the roof. During the cleaning avoid using detergents and chemicals as to not damage the protective material under the tiles, and it is recommended to use a moderate amount of water under low pressure. Better to entrust this task to professionals in order to avoid further damage and excess costs on tile replacement and covering materials.
  • Covering the roof with specialized protective compounds against mold and fungus.

Emergency repairs of a tile roof are being performed if there are leaks or other damage that requires immediate fixing. The process covers:

  • Detection of a leak or a damaged sector and their repairs.
  • Replacement of damaged tiles.
  • Maintenance or replacement of roofing accessories.

Why Tile Roofs Need Repairs?

There are several answers:

  • Tile roof repairs are necessary to prevent leaks and other roofing deterioration
  • Human interference improves roofing longevity
  • Repairs increase the building’s cost-effectiveness
  • Improvement of the house exterior

Tile roof repair is a complicated and dangerous process you should entrust to a highly qualified team of specialists. If the repairs are done wrong, that can lead to even more problems and become a big money sink.

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Tile Roof Repair Features

There are some things to consider:

  • In a warm climate where there’s no snow in winter, so tiles can be chosen from a much wider variety of materials in comparison to colder areas. For example, tiles can be made from concrete or clay with a self-adhesive top layer.
  • When laying roof tile in a warm climate it is important to provide a quality watertight underlay. That is because those areas are usually very rainy and roofs are prone to leak. A good material for this task would be a specialized membrane or film.
  • It is important to set up a roof ventilation system. That will prevent attic space from overheating and condensate build-up. Commonly that is being done by installing specific vent sockets or roof ridge aerators.
  • Tile roof repairs in a warm climate are being performed by replacing damaged tiles. Tiles of the same color and material should be used. It is recommended to start repairs only if a group of three or more tiles has suffered damage to prevent unnecessary interference and keep the roofing whole.

How To do it Properly

Follow this advice to do a good job during repairs:

  • In a warm climate tile is heavily affected by ultraviolet rays. Use specialized coating or paint to lessen the effect.
  • It is highly discouraged to do any work on the roof during rainy weather – slipping on wet tile can cause severe trauma. A roof inspection should also be done during drier weather due to safety reasons.

Tile roof repairs in a warm climate, where there is no snow during winter, are not a very complicated process. But to ensure sturdiness and longevity of roofing, features and nuance of such work has to be taken into account.


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