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Cutting Aluminum With Miter Saw: Step by Step

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Very often you are faced with the need to cut a necessary piece of aluminum, and there is only a coping saw at hand. In today’s article, I will tell you how to cut aluminum step by step with a miter saw.

Cutting Aluminum With Miter Saw
You can use a miter saw to cut aluminum, but you will need to use a blade that is specifically designed for cutting aluminum. These blades have a higher tooth count and are designed to handle the heat that is generated when cutting aluminum.

Miter Saw Aluminum Cutting

A miter saw is a powerful tool that is used for making quick, precise cuts in wood. It is a type of saw that has a blade that is mounted on a pivoting arm that can be rotated to make angled cuts.

Processing of metal alloys must be carried out with specially designed tools and devices. To cut off a piece of aluminum, you can use a miter saw. Let’s consider how to cut aluminum with a miter saw and what types of power tools should be used at the same time.

Aluminum metal is the dream of many industries. Corrosion is not terrible for him, he conducts electric current perfectly, a non-ferrous metal is almost three times lighter than iron, and it is durable. It is not magnetic, and easily forms alloys with metals. Widely used in various fields including construction. That is why you may often find yourself needing to cut aluminum.

Aluminium cutting disc

Basic Types of Mitre Saws

There are many machines with trimmer plates. Here are the main ones:

Aluminum window cutting machine double miter saw

An aluminum window-cutting machine double miter saw is a specialized tool that is used to cut aluminum windows. This saw is different from a regular miter saw because it has two blades that are mounted on a single shaft. This allows the user to cut both the top and bottom of the aluminum window at the same time. The double miter saw is also equipped with a carbide-tipped blade that is designed to cut through aluminum.

Aluminum window cutting machine miter saw

It differs from the previous machine by having only one saw. This affects usability and cutting speed.

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Is It Possible to Cut Aluminum With a Miter Saw?

Aluminum profiles and other workpieces made of the same alloy can be processed in several ways. One of the most convenient is cutting aluminum with a miter saw.

Cutting aluminum in this way, while observing the technology, will allow you to make an accurate and even cut. Experienced craftsmen can cut aluminum qualitatively not inferior to the factory cut. A feature of the miter-type device is the ability to reconfigure it to different angles.

Personal Protective Equipment

Essentials when working with a saw:

  • Safety glasses or a transparent plastic mask;
  • Earmuffs;
  • Gloves;

Do not neglect personal protective equipment, it has already proven to be effective.

Which Miter Saw Is Suitable for Cutting Aluminum?

In order for the aluminum cutting process to pass without problems, and for the saw after that to serve for a long time, it is worth choosing it correctly. Pay attention only to those devices that are designed specifically for cutting metal. Multifunctional models are also suitable.

The power tool market offers a wide range of end saws of different prices and quality. To understand how to choose an end saw that is suitable in class for specific purposes, it is necessary to determine the scope of work. It is from the load on the saw that its useful life will depend. So, for professional permanent metal work, an assembly that was produced for cutting aluminum at home will not be suitable.

When selecting a saw, compare which engine is used for the devices you are considering. Unlike a synchronous motor, an asynchronous motor produces less noise (sound pressure) and does not contain a brush assembly in its design that requires periodic repair. In addition, it would not be superfluous to have on the pendulum saw such useful devices for work as handles, stops, or rulers. They will make the cut more accurate and comfortable.

It is recommended to buy a synchronous end saw for those who want to get a device with a maximum rotation speed and a large starting torque. This type of equipment is also perfect for cutting aluminum parts and workpieces. At the same time, such a saw is not very sensitive to voltage surges in the electrical network and has a high overload capacity with high efficiency.

Cutting aluminum requires a high purity of the cut, so it is worth choosing a device from a trusted manufacturer. At the same time, remember that when processing metal with an end saw, the following rule is always observed: the higher the rotation speed of the working part of the saw, the more accurate the cut will be.

Cutting Miter Saw

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The Main Problems When Cutting Aluminum?

There are a few main problems that can occur when cutting aluminum. First, the aluminum can easily chip and break if it is not cut correctly. Second, aluminum can also create a lot of dust and debris, which can be harmful to your lungs if you breathe it in. Finally, aluminum can be very sharp and can easily cut through the skin, so be careful when handling it.

Directly when cutting problems aluminum is vibration and burr formation. Vibration can cause the saw blade to wander, which results in an uneven cut. Burr formation can occur when the saw blade rubs against the aluminum, causing a raised edge on the cut surface.

Cutting Aluminum with a Miter Saw Step-by-Step Guide

You can cut aluminum correctly by following the following simple algorithm of actions:

  • install a special non-abrasive disc in the appropriate groove of the miter saw (this will ensure the purity and geometric correctness of the future cut);
    place the pendulum saw on the work surface;
  • firmly press the aluminum workpiece to the stop in the desired position for cutting;
  • set the cut angle (loosen the locking screw, set the angle according to the scale, tighten the locking screw);
  • select the angle of the bevel to the left and right (loosen the handle, turn the tool bracket to the desired angle, tighten the handle, and perform
  • similar actions to set the angle of the bevel to the right);
  • make sure that the saw is working properly and the electrical cord of the device is intact (if you have a cordless saw, check the charge of the rechargeable batteries);
  • take all necessary safety measures – wear a protective mask or goggles, as well as gloves;
  • check the reliability of the clamping of the aluminum part;
  • pull the trigger and the safety lever;
  • smoothly guide the tool bracket downwards, making the cut (remember that you always need to align the saw blade on the side into which the waste of the processed aluminum part will be removed).

miter saw to cut aluminum

What Is the Best Saw Blade for Cutting Aluminum?

Aluminum is a soft metal that is easily damaged, so it is important to choose the right saw blade when cutting it. The best saw blade for cutting aluminum is a carbide-tipped blade. This type of blade is designed specifically for cutting aluminum and other soft metals. It is also important to use a blade with a very fine tooth count, such as a 60-tooth blade. This will help to prevent the aluminum from being damaged by the saw blade.


Can you cut aluminum with a wood blade?

No, you cannot cut aluminum with a wood blade. A wood saw is absolutely not designed for cutting aluminum.

What are saw blades to cut aluminum?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the specific saw blade and the type of aluminum being cut. In general, however, saw blades designed to cut aluminum are made from materials that are resistant to heat and wear, and they usually have a high tooth count to help minimize chipping and tearing.

What is the best saw to cut aluminum?

Circular saw blade.


If you have a question about how to cut aluminum with a miter saw, and about aluminum cutting, a miter saw is enough to adhere to the above algorithm and observe the necessary safety measures. When choosing a device for work, pay attention to the models of already well-known companies. The saw should work without jerking, and the stroke of the disc should not be jerky. Also, first, take care of the availability of a high-quality saw blade for the appropriate purpose.


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